Americana Fiberworks is a women’s arts and educational group designed to support the positive integration of refugee and immigrant women into the Louisville community using a common interest in the fiber arts. Participants help one another develop confidence, skills, and resources necessary to identify and pursue goals for themselves and their families as they adapt to their new home in Louisville.

Fiberworks program members focus on:

1. Increasing literacy skills

2. Developing talents in fiber arts

3. Fostering a supportive social network

4. Promoting the micro-enterprise goals of the group

The women in our Fiberworks program sell their art at community events to supplement their families’ incomes. Fiberworks goods can be found at many local arts festivals. Proceeds from these sales provide the artists with additional income and increased self-confidence.

Fiberworks meets three times per week in the art room at Americana.  The hours are as follows:

Monday 12:30-3:30pm

Friday 12:30-3:30pm

Saturday 10am-1pm

Have fiber arts skill you’d like to share? Do you have supplies you’d like to donate? Want to know about the next sale Fiberworks will be at? Please contact Belissa Middleton at 502-366-7813 or belissa@americanacc.org or Justine Brunett at 502-366-7813 or justine@americanacc.org.

quilting Dancilla Sewing In the Art Room, participants and volunteers were busing stamping and painting Denim Day Patches